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Contact:Global Environment Office, Environmental Management Dept.,
Safety Administration & Environment Div.
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1. Nature conservation (Environment) measure posture to activity

Taisei Corporation, regarding it as its corporate mission to create a vibrant living environment for all members of society, and based on its management principle that values the interaction between people and the natural environment, established its Environmental Policies in 1992. In all our business activities, we are committed to protecting and creating a better environment and fulfilling our responsibility to local communities and society at large as a good corporate citizen.

Taisei Corporation's Environmental Policies: Guiding Principles (Extract)

2. Cooperation with NGOs

Taisei Corporation Natural and Historical Environment Fund

Through this Fund, Taisei provides support for activities conducted for the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of historical and traditional buildings,-which are all common assets of today's generation as well as those of the future. The Fund supports such preservation and research activities conducted both in Japan and overseas. Since its establishment in 1993, the Fund has provided support to a total of 266 organizations including nongovernmental organizations.

Activities at construction sites

At our construction sites, we conduct environmental conservation activities in cooperation with local residents, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), etc. The following highlight some examples of these activities.

3. Environmental education and volunteer training (employee)

4. Environmental education ( outside company)

5. Utilization and preservation of the Company-owned land etc.

6. Wood structure activities of afforestation, silviculture, etc.

7. Others