The Fund which supports Nature Conservation Projects for Asia - Pacific Region

Keidanren Nature Conservaition Fund / Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation

Supported Projects 2002

Supported Projects 2002


1. Development of a Marine and Coastal Conservation Center in Bali
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Promotion and development of sightseeing business such as ecotourism and scuba as an option industry in order to control illegal fishing industry that uses dynamite or potassium cyanide. Focus is aimed to an ecotourism plan in Comodo National Park.
2. Conservation of Leatherback Turtles in Jamursba-Medi region, Irian Jaya through community participation
Organization: Sea Turtle Associaton of Japan
There are many cases of egg harm due to mixed net-fishing and wild pigs. Establishment of a protection organization of Osa turtles by regional residents, collection of breeding basic data for a protection plan and survey on the situation of pigs' invasion
3. Conservation and Management of Sea Turtles in Java Sea, Indonesia
Organization: Yayasan Alam Lestari-Pusat Penelitian Penyu Indonesia
Prevention of sea turtles' egg-laying decrease because of their capture for tortoiseshell material and food, and recovery of the solid number with the comprehension and cooperation of the local people.
4. The Conservation and Research project on Orangutans in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Organization: Japan-Indonesia Orangutan Conservation and Research Committee
Actual condition survey of distribution for a protection policy plan, society/ecology research, patrol on poaching and advocacy of a new national park plan in a limestone mountain area are going on in the Kutai National Park that is the habitat of wild orangutans.
5. Biodiversity survey and protected area planning in Indonesia
Organization: Wild Bird Society of Japan
By remote sensing using an artificial satellite, afforestation and land application analysis and location exploration in the not upgraded area of the Tannibal Islands map
6. Promoting nature conservation and sustainable living in rural area of Indonesia
Organization: Committee for Environmental Education Project in Indonesia
Forest is decreasing in the periphery of Gunun Hariman National Park due to illegal felling and other factors. Environment education has contributed to life improvement of the inhabitants that would use micro water power generation.


7. Study on the Ichthyic Biodiversity of Mekong River and its Application to Environmental Education
Organization: Mekong Watch-Japan
The ecosystem of Mun River valley and the local fishing industry received a strong shock with the construction of the Baku Mun Dam. Establishment of a Baku Mun Data Hall, and enlightenment activity in order to have the importance of handing down the technology of the traditional fishing industry widely acknowledged
8. Community Environment Center and National Resources Conservation Activity Project in Lamphun Province, Thailand
Organization: CARE Japan
Establishment of an environment center utilizing an old elementary school, and, centering around this, promotion of environment activity leading to the recovery of the natural resources with the co-operation of the school and the community.
9. Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Bang Pae Waterfall,Phuket Island and Gibbon Isolation Sanctuary,Ranong. Thailand
Organization: The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand
Establishment of a system to isolate sick apes and to inspect them in order to protect health of the long-armed apes, or gibbons, and the tropical zone forest that is their habitat, in the protection ward of Burket island
10. The Green Carpet Project in Nakhon Si Thammarat
Organization: Research Association for Global Mangrove
Afforestation of mangrove in the former site of lobster raising ground, revival of the lost ecosystem, life improvement and stabilization of regional residents and, as a result, contribution to the environment security. 1000ha afforestation in 5 years.


11. Saving the Northern Sierra Madre Nature Park: Involving Local Communities in Conservation
Organization: Conservation International
Biodiversity monitoring, awareness campaign, and protection of deteriorating Sierra Madre Natural Park through the organizational strength of a committee for management of the protection area
12. Conservation of marine algae by use of artificial reef in Philippines through local community participation
Organization: Japan International Marine Sciety and Technology Federation
Costal area once covered with coral, mangrove forest and seaweed in the Bataan Peninsula is contaminated by the inflow of sharp urbanization and volcanic ash. In order to recover the deteriorated alga place that supports the environment, introduction of techniques of supply minerals that vitalize the algae and creatures inhabiting in low sea areas.
13. Environment Education and Reforestation for Biodiversity Conservation
Organization: The Institute of Cultual Affairs:Japan
Establishment of the "Environment Education Center" in the Bignai area of the Philippines eastern part, and environment education to entwine the practice of afforestation with the local people.
14. Implementation of charcoal burning technology for the people in the tropical forests
Organization: Desert Forestation Volunteers Association
Construction of a charcoal kiln of efficient Japanese style and feeding it with charcoal material from palm shell for domestic consumption; then, the correspondent sales will improve the local people's income, and, at the same time, lumber wasting is prevented in the Infanta area of Quezon state whose forest devastation is obvious.
15. Reserch for reforestation of Negros Island
Organization: IKAO-AKO
In cooperation with a university, government and community, survey on the ecosystem and situation of forest in the coast of Negros Island that is remarkably destructed


16. Environmental Education Project in Dan Phuong Village
Organization: Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development
The forest decreases rapidly by a baking field in the Danfon village, central Vietnam. Environment education for pupils of elementary school and farmers, according to the concept of "permanent wave culture" for forest conservancy (environment system of permanent coexistence between nature and persons).
17. Conservation Monitoring at Xuan Thuy Nature Reserve
Organization: Birdlife International Vietnam Programme
Environment monitoring & birds survey in the wintering and relay grounds of migratory birds in the coast area of the of the Red River delta


18. Biodiversity survey and protected area planning in China
Organization: Wild Bird Society of Japan
Survey on birds and environment in the eastern part area of Tibet together with discussion on the Tibet's Forestry Ministry's Plan for the establishment of a nature protection area.
19. Enhanced Management of Lashihai High Plateau Wetland Nature Reserve
Organization: Wetland International-China
Organization of a team for community collaboration work, a course for training villagers, and preparation of a plan for Wetland management in favor of creature diversity in the Lashihai Wetland of Yunnan.
20. Project of Afforestation and Desertification-Control in Township of Xiaobazi,Fengning County, Hebei Province
Organization: China Association For NGO Cooperation
Training of people engaged in afforestation & gardening as well as environment education to students and others with a view to fight the rampant desertification because of the contamination and decrease of precipitation in the rich Hebei province.
21. Afforestation in Hulun Buir league in Inner Mongolia
Organization: Hulun Buir Green(Japan)
Afforestation and environment education in Buir city of the Hulun Buir region located in the most north end of self-governing Inner Mongolia
22. Afforestation and Protection of Giant Panda at Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China
Organization: The Society for the Study of China' Environment, Keio University
Transplantation of a pain bamboo that panda likes, nutrition analysis of bamboo, earth analysis for transplantation, bamboo planting promotion, and environment education for local children
23. Conservation and promoting reforestation of Kerquin Desert
Organization: Desert Forestation Volunteers Association
Repair of ground protection fence for afforestation, raw forest survey, preparation of a plant distribution chart and proliferation test of a half-drying plant area.
24. Construction of a model of reforestation with diversity
Organization: Green Earth Network(Japan)
Establishment of a method of seedling and planting & Operation of an experiment forest place as a Model forest where deciduous trees of many kinds regenerate naturally, in the north of Daido city, China.
25. Studies of waterbirds, water levels, and aquatic food plants as a basis for conservation of threatened wetlands at Poyang Lake, China
Organization: International Crane Foundation, Inc.
The rapid development of China in recent years exerts an important influence in the environment of Poyang Lake, the China's biggest fresh water lake. Investigation of the actual condition.


26. Community Environment Improvement though Forest Management
Organization: Paropakar Primary Health Care Centre
While supporting the activity of forest user committee, construction of such facilities as seedbed, biotechnology gas and rest room as well as introduction to school of environment education and construction of an environment study center
27. Biodiversity Enhancement in Lumbini Sacred Garden Area
Organization: IUCN Nepal
Lumbini National Park, located in western Nepal, is the birth-place of Buddha. In there, performing activities of environment recovery and protection, such as development of seedbeds, conventional afforestation and establishment of forest protection fences.
28. Implementation of guidance of Forest Management in Baluwa Village
Organization: Project for bringing up and education of forest conservation
Enforcement in Wakayama Pref. of training concerning security/management of forests for trainees from Baluwa village, located in the northeast of Katmandu


29. Sunderban Conservation through Crab Fattening by Batiaghata Hervesters/Wives Participation(Stakeholder benefit)
Organization: Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation
Enlightening of people and pursuit of alternatives for livelihood means in order to stop illegal felling and illegal hunting in Sunderban on the south west of the Bay of Bengal, the world biggest mangrove forest.
30. Biodiversity conservation program through Leadership training, Awareness raising and Social Afforestation
Organization: Society of Poor and Helpless
With a rapid population increase, the area of south-eastern Dacca is in a dangerous situation due to such factors as insufficient information/technology regarding the felling for fuel, environmental conservation, and agricultural land conversion of Wetland/forest. Establishment of a continuous society system and prevention of environment deterioration through social enlightenment.
31. Conservation of Hill Forest Eco-system and Biodiversity in Harbang, Cox's Bazar through Community Participation
Organization: Bangladesh POUSH
Promotion of education and afforestation activities in the field of forest resource management with independent participation of the people among Harbang community, located 90 km south of Chittagong city.
32. Conservation and Monitoring of Wildlife Biodiversity in the Tanguar Haor
Organization: Nature Conservation Management
Tanguar Haor is the biggest/most important Wetland of Bangladesh north-eastern part. In this place, activities of environment consciousness improvement, Wetland security and animal diversity monitoring are performed.


33. Conservation of Pristine Mangrove Forest and Enhancement of Public Awareness on Wetland and Bio diversity in Brunei Darussalam
Organization: Ramsar Center Japan
Enlightenment activity aiming at a wise use of the Wetland and a permanent comprehension of the method for the best possible development of the natural resources in the birds protection area of Saba state in northern Borneo.


34. Ecology and Consrvation of Large Mammalian Herbivous in South India
Organization: Nature Conservation Foundation
Protection activity and investigation on the influence that human activity exerts in the ecosystem and animals that inhabit in the Bandebu National Park and Lahore National Park in southern India, which are the habitat of rare large animals and their predators, tigers and leopards.
35. Children's Movement for the Conservation of Biodiversity in a Poor Costal Community in South India
Organization: Foundation for Sustainable Development (India) Division : International Ocean Institute Operational Center
There was a tradition that the coast of Tochikolin, Tamil Nadoo, had a unique herb with the secret of health. Revival of this tradition is attempted through specialization of medicinal herbs, opening of medical herb gardens, consciousness improvement, etc., to creature diversity and traditional methods to keep one's health.


36. Establishment of a basic structure of conservation of indigenous plant genetic resource in northern highland of Pakistan in harmony with local communities
Organization: Tsukuba Association Supporting Oversease PGR Activities
Plant heredity resources of northern Pakistan are especially a treasure of medicinal plants, but they are in danger of extinction due to excessive catch and sickness
37. Survey of Wildlife in Northern Areas of Pakistan
Organization: Belour Advisory and Social Development Organization
Regarding hardly known creature diversity of northern Pakistan, intended is the preservation of ecosystem and seed through the collection of basic data and enforcement of a healthy basic management plan.


38. Capacity building and awareness for community fisheries in Kompong Chhnang
Organization: Japan International Volunteer Center
In order to effectively utilize the fishery right that was returned to a fishing industry association, introduction of policies of application rule and a voluntary security plan by the local people through their capability development and meeting. The site is Tonle Sap Lake.
39. Conservation Education and Villege-based Ecotourism at Kiriron National Park
Organization: Mlup Baitong
The National Kililon Natural Park is exposed to a crisis due to the use of agricultural land in commercial forest felling for firewood and charcoal. Education regarding a good use of forest resources and promotion of a plan of ecotourism as an option means.


40. Myawpeing Water Supply Project
Organization: Oisca-International
Myawpeing is experiencing a rapid desert invasion as a result of development of farm land. Afforestation and construction of a waterway for securing a river source, in order to restore the environment.


41. Strengthen Environmental Education programme of RSPN
Organization: Royal Society for Protection of Nature
Influence on the whole society through participation in protection activities by sharing knowledge and technology with families and local community, research on regional environment problems, and improvement of "natural club" organization in 78 places all over the country.


42. Regional Programme to Support Protected Area Management as a Tool for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in South Asia and Southeast Asia
Organization: The World Conservation Union, Asia
Construction of means for defending the natural resources remaining in a protection area, and strength of the economic linkage between the mode of life & society with the periphery, through the support to capacity building between the protection ward staff and the persons concerned, inhabitants and NGO
43. Formation of Asian Wetlamd Initiatives
Organization: Ramsar Center Japan
Establishment and operation of an Asian Wetland mailing list, issuance of an AWS2001 report and establishment of an "Asia Wetland Initiative Committee" in order to make concrete the Penang Declaration adopted with the "Asian Wetland Symposium 2001"
44. Conservation Activities for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper on its Breeding and Migration Areas in Russia and East Asia
Organization: Japan Wetlands Action Network
Conservation plan regarding the Heshiragi, an endangered species, and its habitat by carrying out a survey on its mode of life and crossing in its breeding and relay grounds


45. Investigation, Conservation and Raising Public Awareness of the Swan Goose in Russia
Organization: Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection
The Wetland that remains in the Amur valley is the breeding ground of the stork, high waterfowl Sakatsura goose and other rare species in danger of extinction. Survey and enlightenment activity for hunters & local inhabitants as well as enforcement of an international protection network.
46. Students protect globally endangered waterbird
Organization: Amur branch of Russian Socio-Ecological Union
Establishment of a protection system of rare birds through environment education and other means such as statistics survey of birds and prevention of field baking. Rare birds (stork, Tancho crane, etc.) that nest in Amur area are protected.
47. Preservation of "Central Sikhote-Alin" World Heritage Site
Organization: Friend of Earth Japan
Tiger poaching and Illegal felling in a rare closed forest are going on in the Shihotearin area, a world natural heritage. Promotion of the continuation, as far as possible, of natural resources application, ecotours, collection/sales of edible wild plant and seed, etc., except for option lumber

Papua New Guinea

48. Conservation Education and Awareness Building in Milne Bay Province
Organization: Conservation International
Mirunbei coral reef is in a critical situation due to illegal fishing industry, indiscriminate fishing by a fleet from an outside area, and pressure of the inhabitants that rely on the ocean resources. In cooperation with regional residents, local authorities and UNDP, development of a program for continuation, as far as possible, of ocean resources control.
49. Marine Conservation in PNG through Education and Community Participation
Organization: Mahonia Na Dari Research and Conservation Centre
The western shore of Kimbe bay, that possesses a rich ocean ecosystem and coral reef, is nearing to a crisis, due to the development of an oil palm plantation, felling in a low ground forest, and a fishing industry using excessive agricultural chemicals, dynamite and toxic substances. Ocean resources are secured through environment education, surveys, protection policies, etc.

Solomon Islands

50. Arnavon Marine Conservation Area Project
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
In cooperation with the local people and government, protection of the Hawksbill sea turtle, in danger of extinction, carrying out surveys and training of a protection post.


51. Galapagos Plant Biodiversity Conservation Project
Organization: Charles Darwin Research Station
Plan to control goats that turned wild and naturalized plants for environment security of characteristic plants in Galapagos, the No. 1 world natural heritage.


52. Enhancing Environmental Protection at Paraiba Region
Organization: Oisca Brasil
Plan to diffuse environment education, accept trainees from South America countries, enlighten people and conduce afforestation, by utilizing an "environment education center" facility.


53. Reforestation of Tropical Rain Forests to preserve the ecological balance
Organization: Association of Support for People in West Africa
Location: Morota village. Forest devastated due to commerce felling and baking field; agricultural products in the foot of the mountain damaged by Primates chased on the mountain; and even Primates decreasing in number exterminated by the inhabitants. Planting fruit trees that Primates like, reducing the damage of agricultural products, and, at the same time, regenerating the forest to a level close to the original.

Burkina FASO

54. Project for environmental improvement with the local trees and the traditional techniques on the sahel region in Brukina FASO
Organization: Action for Greening SAHEL
In the southern end of Sahel area of Burkina FASO, the volume decrease of farm products and the decrease of forest become obvious because of such factors as plundering of the farming industry, decrease of precipitation and population increase. Vitalization of environment and security are intended through protection of conventional forest and methods of local traditional agriculture


55. Sustainable biodiversity conservation in a littoral forest of Madagascar through local population
Organization: Man And The Environment
Over 80% of animals and plants are characteristic, and most of them inhabitant in the forest. Bohibora forest is located in the eastern beach while forest is being lost. Continuation, as much as possible, of nature protection is aimed through forest survey, ecotourism and others


56. Development of a Field Survey Training Module on Conservation of Nature in Subtropicsfor Asian NGOs
Organization: Leadership for Environmental and Development Japan
Inviting NGO of Asia, the training is implemented by Okinawa becoming a field for focusing on nature protection of the subtropical zone that has international extent, and developing a training program based on a field survey of nature protection and geography information system.
57. Database Project on Environmental Education in the East Asia
Organization: The Japan Environmental Education Forum
NGO construction of database related to the environment education in the east Asia countries and contribution to the solution of diffusion and environment problems for future environment education by sharing said database. This year Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Bangladesh are objects.
58. A survey of ecosystem of Etorof Island
Organization: Center for Northern Marine Animals
North Shishima is rich in creature diversity, second to none in the world. Here an environment survey of land and sea is enforced and security ecosystem measures for crises due to secret unlicensed fishing/poaching in hunting/excessive catch in recent years are being planned.


59. General Study of Glirulus japonicus - for its protection
Organization: The Japanese Dormice Preservation & Research Group
The growth environment of the Japanese wild cat, a natural monument, is on the red data list of endangered species. Through the research of its ecology and behavior, presentation of a concrete forest security plan of protection applied also to forest environment education has been performed.
60. Research of harmful chemical pollution for Tancho (Grus japonensis) and analysis of its factor
Organization: Tancho Protection Unit
Ostriches have their food supply and nets' ground near farming area and ranches, and many of them feed in the excrement yard of the livestock.. Hence, the situation of harmful chemical substances accumulated inside their bodies through the ingestion is investigated tracing the animals with the help of transmission devices fixed to them. This is done centering around the food place, and protection measures follow.
61. Urgent investigation for conservation of biodiversity in the Akan Lake
Organization: Marimo Reserch Assosiation
There is a sensational increase of North America's crawfish in Akanko lake. Using this lake, a policy is planned to protect creature diversity based on ecological survey and clarification of the influence that the present condition of the ecosystem and also crawfish exert in conventional creatures and environment.
62. Conservation of loggerhead sea turtle in Yakushima Island, their greatest rookery in the Northern Pacific
Organization: NPO Yakushima Umigame-kan(Japan)
Yakushima Island is the biggest egg-laying place in the north Pacific of the red sea turtle, while the blue sea turtle has its landing ground in the northern limit of Japan. Both these species are in danger of extinction. Taking into account the current decrease of beach and deterioration of environment, afforestation/management of shading forest as well as mode of life survey are enforced, and enlightenment of the protection and environmental conservation of sea turtles is carried out.
63. Training of nature conservation volunteers through international work camp
Organization: The Association of National Trusts in Japan
In the two places of Mt. Fuji and Shiretoko, international work camp for about one week is opened. In the former,environment restoration by afforestation of Japanese willow is made; in the latter, attaching wind protection fences and deer protection fences and nets, forest regeneration activity such as a sapling exchange is performed.
64. Research of Seaturtle in Iriomote Island
Organization: Marine Parks Center of Japan
Using the Nishiomote National Park, where indiscriminate catch, theft of eggs and deterioration of ocean environment can be observed, in order to set the security of sea turtles' individual groups, surveys on landing/egg-laying number and others are performed by mark/transmitter tracing and other means
65. Awareness Promotion for the One-Tree-One-Stone Campaign-a Nature Restoration Campane for Mt. Fuji
Organization: Mt. Daisen Summit Preservation Society
Using the Nishiomote National Park, where indiscriminate catch, theft of eggs and deterioration of ocean environment can be observed, in order to set the security of sea turtles' individual groups, surveys on landing/egg-laying number and others are performed by mark/transmitter tracing and other means
66. Activities of maintenance of Odanuki Wetland in Mt. Fuji's Forest
Organization: Society for observing the nature of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji area constitutes a unique Wetland forest, but drying is going on there because of the decrease of flowing water, forest felling and other factors. Looking for the security of the Wetland, taken are such measures as forest survey, removal of shrub that has marched into, removal of introduced species and establishment of a protection fence
67. The ecological research of north Aso glassland to conserve the rare plant and animal species. And making the plan for promotion of the cooperation between the rural and urban residents and the local governments to produce affluent species diversity.
Organization: Aso Green Stock Fundation
Aso area is called the water jar of Kyushu, but devastation is going on there. Planned is an environment security activity program based on a natural resources survey.
68. Developing Educational Programs for Concerving Wildlife, Mainly Conserned with the Japanese Serow
Organization: Japan Nature Game Association
An education program based on a mode of life survey of wild animals and abundant data of protection activityperformed all over Asahi River valley of Mount Ooasahi eastern part.
69. Evaluate the effects of lead pollution on the whole population of eagles inhabited in the deer hunting
Organization: Wildlife Presevation Bureau of Hokkaido Corp.
There is a rapid increase of death of steller's sea-eagle and white-tailed eagle poisoned by lead in the permitted hunting area of Hokkaido eastern part. Measurement of lead density in the body by a capture survey, grasp of lead contamination situation of all individual groups, and preparation of a prevention plan
70. Study on Aspects of Migratory Birds in Iriomote National Park
Organization: liaison Club of Iriomote National Park Volunteers
Survey of migratory birds in Nishiomote Island that is the visit ground of Sashiba bird and the breeding ground of the Ajisashi bird family.
71. Clarification of the distribution of alien plants in Okutama region through the field reserch
Organization: Society for Conservation of Water and Green Environment
Remarkable increases of bare land and imported plants are observed in Okutama. Proposal for a use of the park consistent with security
72. Consideration of a Biodiversity Conservation of Village Forest
Organization: Totoro no-furusato Foundation
Proposal to the concerned authorities regarding a plan of effective security, and a present condition survey on a mountain village rich in creature diversity and original ecosystem, after surveys of forest and land layer all over Sayama Hills area.
73. Re-constructing the habitat of Nipponia nippon-restoration of coppice and agricultural landscape
Organization: Field Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Niigata University
Restoration of the environment of a mountain village of Sadogashima Island through open classes for the inhabitants, monitoring and biomodel construction work for creature diversity in the waterway of a mountain village in abandoned Tanada where an area is projected for setting free the Japanese crested ibis.